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Learn How to Use AI to do Extraordinary Things with Skillful Prompt Writing

Are you trying to keep up with AI so you don’t get left behind?The single best skill that you can learn is how to write good prompts for AI systems.AI’s need to be guided by humans to give the best results.Have you tried ChatGPT, Bard, or another AI system and felt:- Frustrated
- Like AI is overhyped
- Overwhelmed
- Annoyed
- Underwhelmed
You probably need better prompt writing skills.If you’re not consistently amazed by what you can create with AI, you’ve come to the right place.Why?The capabilities of AI systems can only ever be fully tapped if you know HOW to use them.We are used to just typing in a word or phrase to a search engine to get results.AI systems require a lot more finesse and skill than that to return truly useful results.So before we get into why you need to learn prompt writing.Let’s back up and start at the beginning.So how did I get into AI?

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What IS a Prompt?

A prompt is a directive you give an AI system like a chatbot, an image generator, an AI assistant/agent.You have to clearly instruct it on what you want it to do in order for it to do a good job.That’s why I created this guide.I wanted to help you learn how to craft prompts skillfully so you can fully leverage AI’s superpowers.The prompt writing guide is structured with exactly that in mind.First, I teach you how AI systems like ChatGPT work.You learn the building blocks of prompt writing from there and how to skillfully create prompts that give you the best results.I break it all the way down for you and give you templates so you can just plug and play.You will also learn about different kinds of prompts and how to use them.For example, if you use the same prompt for a ‘zero shot prompt’ as you use for a ‘many shot prompt,’ you won’t get nearly the same results.And then I’ll be giving you all my best tips and tricks to get ChatGPT and the other large language models (LLMs) like Bard to give you the best results.This really is just scratching the surface.You’ll also get:- How to guide for using AI autonomous agents
- How to guide for Plugins
- Specific prompt tips for Bard
- How to use Bing AI to complement ChatGPT

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How Did I Get into AI?

I am essentially a lifelong entrepreneur. My first business was a lemonade stand that I expanded to sell lemonade door to door when I was 12. 😂 Then I started a babysitting club when I was in my early teens. From there, I started my first “real” business as soon as I finished college.I started out as a copywriter and wrote for hundreds of brands. Then I expanded to offer a full suite of digital services.I’ve had that business (still have it) for the last 12 years.When AI exploded and ChatGPT entered the scene, I saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.I was simply fascinated by AI. Every day I wake up excited to see what’s next.I am fully self taught, and I’ve been deeply immersed in it trying to learn how to best leverage it.I remember the first time I saw AI generated copy from Jasper AI; I couldn’t believe my eyes!I’ve hired at least 30 (probably more) writers in my career. I’ve written thousands of pages of content myself. I also have co-authored a book on nutrition.I was amazed at what AI could produce with just a basic prompt, let alone what advanced prompting creates.AI content has improved significantly since my first experience with it, too.Then as I got more deeply involved in learning how AI works and how to get great outputs from ChatGPT, I realized the world of AI was expanding at nearly an exponential rate.AI will impact our lives in every area and the best thing anyone can do for their career now is to learn to use it.This is definitely a moment where you don’t want to get left behind.So I started working on this guide to provide a useful resource for other people who were trying to get up to speed with AI.This way you don’t have to do the months long deep dive into research that I did.You can gain all the knowledge you need to be better prepared than all but about 2% of the population with this guide.It’s still very early! Most people don’t know what’s possible with AI, and they’re definitely not using it often if at all.This is your time to shine.See you on the other side!

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